At Snack Revolution we've always prided ourselves on being revolutionaries in the snack delivery game (the clue is in the name), but the revolution in how our customers now get their hands on our premium goodies has been totally out of our hands! 

More and more consumers are opting to have their favourite savoury treats delivered straight to their door with our free snack delivery service. And even more customers are discovering our hand crafted Snack Box range, which is an assortment of quality nibbles found nowhere else. Our customers think differently and like us seek out the best snacks available in the UK today.

Our new Lockdown Snack Box is proving to be the perfect antidote for the stay home blues, combining premium crisps, nuts and some sweet stuff too! Snack Revolution is especially proud of our NHS and to show our appreciation we've created the Vegan NHS Snack Box which contains our healthiest range for hard working front-line employees - order to a medical facility and we'll bulk up the box with free goodies. 

Staying at home day after day certainly isn't what any of us want from life, but as the saying goes - 'when life gives you lemons, make eh... a revolution in how you snack at home', or something like that. 

Check out our full range of Snack Boxes, which are adored by beer lovers, wine lovers, G&T lovers, or just lovers of a good crisp, nut, beer sticks and more. We deliver for free to homes, offices, home offices, remote workers, font-line workers, or anyone who might be in need of quality snacks you won't find in supermarkets.

Get in touch with us and join the home snacking revolution. We promise next day delivery and that you'll be back for more. 

Snacks Boxes may just save our business through Covid19. We might even grow bigger thanks to everyone's support through our snack boxes. We are humbled to offer this service to bring some joy into people's homes.

Thanks to everyone who supported us to date, our supporters and new customers have been amazing.

We will survive.


Mark Feehan - Founder Of Snack Revolution