Pub Snacks Suppliers – Our Story

Mark Feehan founded Snack Revolution in 2016, at the same Lisa (finance boss & wife) brought their son Zach home to Bethnal Green.  That year Mark & Lisa juggled a new business and became new parents. When asked “would you do it again”, they both answered – “Yes, starting a new business is hard but sourcing great producers is even harder. We love pub snacks with a difference."

Winning Investment

After years in the foodservice industry, Mark spotted a gap with pub snacks suppliers focused on premium bar snacks that offered a difference. At 35 years of age Mark began his search for an investor & mentor, so he could fill up his warehouse with the best tasting snacks in the UK.  He sold his vision and two experienced investors agreed to back the dream.  Now all he had to do was build a business.

Selling the dream to Pubs & Hotels

Knocking on doors selling pub snacks in London was fun for Mark to start, he would always win new customers.  But he knew it was going to be impossible to go national & do everything himself.  So, as we all do nowadays, he turned to Google. Online sales & marketing and direct customer contact proved to be the answer to keep overheads down and stay in business. The digital selling revolution had begun!

Snack Nibbles Menu

Armed with basic selling skills, a new snack nibbles menu concept and a warehouse full of stock, Mark installed their first snack menu’s concept into a few bars & hotels. Sales grew using this snack menu by up to 70% for his new customers, great right!  Wrong, this was 2017 & Mark overcomplicated the menus.  The menu they offer today is simple yet effective, anyone can test their own version for an easy uplift in snack sales. Simple snack menu’s with different snacks always sells more.  Bar snacks sell more when pubs entice consumers with snacks that taste great & are unique.  This remains a key focus at Snack Revolution as thinking differently about bar snacks always sells more in their experience.

Pub Snacks Suppliers

In 2018 they refocused on creating innovative snacks and working with new creative snack producers.  Becoming a national wholesaler for what is the best collection of bar snacks in the UK today.  They now work alongside a few specialist nut producers and seasoning experts who really love pub snacks and crafting snacks designed for the pub trade.  They also produce meats, chocolates and savoury snacks all under the Snack Revolution brand.  They now offer the best bar snacks in the UK today, as frequently mentioned by industry experts and their loyal customers.

Team & Targets

Today Mark is supported by Lisa (Wife & finance boss), Samir (Accounts) & Mike (Warehouse).  This team has grown sales by 65% in 2019 and in 2020 they are looking for another 75% growth.  We asked Mark & Lisa “How will you do this?” They said, hard work, sleepless nights & new product innovation.”

A Bar Snacks Business Built On Trust

Snack Revolution has been built on offering interesting gourmet bar snacks, low prices, friendly service, next day delivery, sale or return & caring about growing their customers sales.  “Interesting bar snacks always sell more!” say’s Mark..

Thank You – Mark, Lisa, Samir & Mike

“Change is here, don’t get left behind.  Bar snacks do not need to stay boring, now is the time to grow your sales and profits and keep consumers interested so they spend more on drinks and snacks.  It’s our aim to add more profits into our customers pockets and leave your customers with an experience they will always remember.

Thinking differently about bar snacks keeps people drinking for longer, bigger meals means consumers are fuller and go home earlier.  Little snacks alongside drinks means we can all drink more to stay out for longer.  The Spanish have been doing this for years, little nibbles keep us drinking for longer.  Keep bar snacks interesting & watch profits grow. Consumers buy with their eyes, colourful Kilner displays of meats, nuts & other savour snacks sell more.  Our experience and simple science to selling more bar snacks is how we have grown against the start-up business odds.

Selling snacks is a simple science, if you think about the benefits of selling better quality snacks that are displayed well, profits will grow.  Today we are considered a leader in the snack supply industry, talk to us and we will share our knowledge.  That’s why we offer sale or return promise, so if something does not work, we will cover your investment.  No questions, quibbles, just free stock to cover any item we supply that does not sell.

We owe everything to our amazing customers over the years, without our loyal customers knowledge and consumer feedback bar snacks might never change.  We love pub snacks and we will never sell cleaning products alongside our bar snacks.  Our focus will always be offering the best bar snacks at the lowest possible prices.

Thanks for reading our story and please remember to follow us on social if you’re not ready to order today, bookmark our page & view our sale shop otherwise you might never know how we have become the UK’s fastest growing bar snacks supplier.”

Ordering online is safe, easy and used by over 350 happy customers.  Email or call, we would love to hear your story.  Our trade shop is open to everyone.  THANK YOU!

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