BULK NUTS - HOPPY HOUSE - Bethnal Green Smoky Craft Beer Mix (Almonds, Cashews & Peanuts)

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BULK BUY NUTS. This is our top selling mix - A must-have for every bar!

Inspired by our first home in London, Bethnal Green in the East End is not just for hipsters it also offers great taste.

The craft beer scene of East London is one of the best you will find in London and the characters are amazing too. We blended this premium mix of smoky almonds, cashews, and peanuts near Brick Lane the very first time we produced this mix.

The inspiration came from the market stalls and the brewery’s in the area, we know this blend is the best-smoked nut mix in the UK.

This should be stocked all year and is the biggest on-trend flavor in our bars today. By upgrading your snacks, we promise our customers to make more money and sell more drinks and snacks.

40% peanuts, 30% almonds, and 30% cashews.

Only available through Snack Revolution!

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