THE DRINKS BAKERY BISCUITS - Lancashire Cheese & Spring Onion Biscuits - 3x8 SRP 20g packs

1 X 24SKU: DRI0105

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The Drinks Bakery uses the award-winning Barwheys mature cheddar from the West coast of Scotland which is powerful, tangy and fruity with a long finish. There’s a really satisfying, smoky, warm spice richness that doesn’t overpower and balances with many great drinks.

Perfect for hotels and as an upsell in a bar with flavor matched drinks.

3 x 8 SRP case (24 units)


Belgian style fruity beers

Cask finished craft beer (e.g. Innis & Gunn Original)

Riesling wines and Malbec style reds

Ciders and craft lagers

Peaty, smoky whisky (e.g. Islay malt whisky)

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